Diploma in 3d Animation & VFX

This diploma has been designed from fine arts, through digital arts, animation process and pipeline, 3D animation, production management and so on to make you an animation professional with thorough pipeline knowledge and management capabilities. The candidate is given the choice to specialize either in Visual effects during the final semester.

Duration – 3 Years

Eligibility – Pass in std. X. On successful completion candidate will be eligible for lateral entry in the II year of Animation Degree Programs.

Course Content

  • Manmade drawings
  • History of art & world art
  • Layer masks
  • Flash interface
  • Symbols & Basic Animation
  • Focus (depth of field)
  • Print usage
  • Fundamentals of 3d
  • Interior modeling
  • Live study drawing& painting
  • Introduction to vector & raster image
  • Image editing techniques
  • Animation principles
  • Introduction to Dreamweaver
  • Overview on Digital imaging
  • Concept and Story Idea
  • Intro to NURBS & important tools/commands
  • Preproduction drawings
  • Selection, Retouching, painting, text Tools
  • Apply effects
  • Tweens
  • Basic Composition
  • Editing digital images
  • Develop storyboards for group shoot
  • Intro to Polygon & important tools/commands