From the humanities and social sciences through engineering and computer science, we look into the past, present, and future of games & animation. With partners from other universities, the games industry, animation studios, media companies, and non-profit organizations, we explore the growing importance of games and animations for entertainment, education, health, and business.

Any games! Especially video, computer and online games, social games, mobile games, educational and serious games, simulations and virtual worlds, board games and gambling games.

Academic partners to conduct in-depth study of games/animation, industry partners who want to use games/animation for training purposes, health institutions who use games/animation for health and rehabilitation, cultural institutions who use games/animation to encourage participation and connect with audiences, and more.

GIGA offers full time 3 years degree courses and diploma courses whose durations vary from 5 months to 18 months.

GIGA degree programs are affiliated to Bharathiar University, Coimbatore Graduate, Post graduate and diploma courses in gaming are certified by Dassault, France

Separate accommodations for male and female can be facilitated for outstation and foreign students. An in-house food mall will operate during the college hours. Assistance will be provided in banking and other services till the student comes to terms with his surroundings and living conditions. The student must take care of payments for his accommodation and food.

Yes, our students are offered placement through on campus and off campus interviews. We also have regular tie ups with major brands (will be shown during counseling) who offer internships and placements to eligible candidates.