Student Experience

Listen to what some of our students have to say about studying at GIGA

For my higher education I was looking for a place that would expose me to a great mix of quality education. That’s when I came across GIGA. It is a creative course in true sense. Compared to other course animation ware is by far the most superior curriculum that I have ever come across.

Advance Gaming

My year at GIGA was great, I think the instructors there taught me more than anyone ever has, the connections I made while in GIGA were invaluable in my obtaining a position upon graduating. GIGA is definitely worth the time to go in for a quick interview to find out more about whichever course you're interested in.

Advance Gaming

I attended GIGA and found it to be a fantastic experience. The Program was the most intense and focused that I've attended. In six months I felt I had a full mastery of Maya and 3D animation. The Instructor was always available and helpful. He not only knew the program, but also keeps up to date pointing us in the direction of the sites that would allow us to do the same post graduation.

Advance Gaming

I signed up for the 2D animation program hoping to learn something new and interesting as well as to improve on what I could already do. My experience far exceeded my expectations. Our instructor, was very knowledgeable about the field and the projects we had to do for him were all fun and appropriately challenging.

B.Sc Anim & Game

I think the best part about GIGA is the infrastructure and faculty. Even after my graduation, my instructor still interact with me whenever I have questions, I can email them anytime and they will give me advice on how to improve or further on my career.

M.Sc Animation & Game

I studied 2d/3d animation. I really liked the way our classes were organized - they always were pleasant but with a proper attention to the object - our instructor taught us all the basic theoretical aspects of animation and many practical methods that I'm using in my job all the time.

B.Sc Animation & VFX