Why Choose GIGA?

Our courses are designed to mold your creativity and test your artistic skills as it readies you for an ever-changing industry where trends come and go and competition is steadily increasing.

Advantages of studying at GIGA:

Industrial Guidance
Industry professionals work with GIGA to give you a firsthand experience of the Animation & Game industry even before you graduate. The curriculum of GIGA’s programmes is devised with valuable advice and input from these professionals so as to make your education as relevant as possible keeping in mind the employment requirements of Animation & Game companies. Instructors at GIGA are either existing practitioners or are the ones who have years of practical experience in the industry and hence able to provide the best guidance in your academic pursuits.

Work Experience and Portfolio
You will get the opportunity to work on industrial projects before you graduate to build up a strong portfolio for your future career through our holistic education. You also get to join the students’ extra-curricular interest groups to create your own projects with help from your schoolmates, graduates and lecturers; go on field trips to visit places related to the Game & Animation Industry; participate in technological researches initiated by industrial professionals.

Low 9:1 Student-to-Instructor Ratio
Our student to instructor ratio of 9:1 enhances the whole learning experience with a high level of attention given to you in the class. The low ratio makes it easier for the instructor to cater to your pace of learning and to provide special guidance if necessary. Thus, a small class not only ensures effective teaching and communication but also gives you opportunities to know your peers and instructor better.

Specialized in Game, Animation and VFX
We specialize in game making and animation production so that we focus on providing the best quality of education to you. As a specialized institute, we are able to work more closely with our partners in the Game, Animation & VFX industry to bring you the best of career opportunities.And green matte, blue matte and mocap studio

Centralized Location
We are located right in the heart of Chennai, Mandavelli. Easily accessible by all modes of transportation, just a few meters away from us is the Mandaveli MRTS railway station and right opposite to us is the Bus station.

GIGA has spacious class rooms that can accommodate between 20 to 30 students. A digital projector connected to the instructor's system is also available in every classroom.

Art Studio
The college has number of art studios with drawing tables, Light Box, with facilities for live modeling and abundance of natural light essential for art environment.

Miniature Studio
This is another essential learning environment for GIGA student pursuing design or Digital media. As this is where they can use all sorts of materials to create miniature models, sets, prototype, mock ups, with natural lights all around, working tables and sculpting tools to work with.

Digital Lab
GIGA has large spacious air conditioned Labs where every student works on an independent cutting edge PC with high-end graphic cards, large hard drives and equipped with all necessary software. The labs also offer numerous general-purpose software packages and tools.

Cafeteria is the place where students wind up in groups and creative brilliance reflects. Yes canteen is not only for refreshment, it also is used to sit and write assignments, sometime just to talk, take peers opinion about the project that is going on or even the right place for someone starting a project to go for distributing survey forms as that is where maximum heads can be seen at one time

The College aspires to provide high standard of education. GIGA offers Under Graduate & Post Graduate degree programs affiliated with Bharathiar University. We also have Short-Term & Specialization courses. Apart from these we have 40 and odd GIGA certified Diploma courses We only have University Degree For 10th Pass Outs Bharathiar University programs are recognized by the Government of India and comes under the purview of UGC.

Key Decision Factors GIGA Other Top Institutes
Faculty are World-Class Industry Pros
Strong Reputation & Connections with Industry
Class Size 7-9 students up to 35 students
History of Successful Gradss
Located in a Major Arts & Entertainment Centre
State-of-the-Art Facilities
Collaboration with Other Departments
Fee Waivers
Industrial based training
Pathway Degree Options
High configured workstation
Centralized air conditioning classrooms
Abode and Autodesk certifications
Green and Blue matte studio